There are literally thousands of e-commerce packages available.  Everything from single page order forms to multi-whatever complicated enough.

Do any of these describe you:

  • My products are custom or single-availability items.
  • I just need to be able to add and update a ton of products quickly.
  • My current ecommerce shopping cart is too complicated.
  • I only have a few products (or few dozen or few hundred… it’s so simple it doesn’t matter).
  • I don’t even need an e-commerce shopping cart, I just need an online catalog.
  • I need an online shopping cart to integrate with Paypal or X service.
  • My free shopping cart can’t do X.

If what you need is simplicity and customizability you need catalogPHP.  catalogPHP was designed from the ground up to be the most customizable, theme-able and simple to use catalog and shopping cart application available.


  • Uses HTML templates for easy integration into any custom design.
  • Support for unlimited products and categories.
  • Many custom SEO Features
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Automatically customizes meta tags to include product descriptions and keywords based on your product details to increase the page’s search engine rankings.
  • E-Commerce version includes shopping cart module for full e-commerce capabilities


catalogPHP is available in three versions catalogPHP, catalogPHP E-Commerce and catalogPHP free.